Join Dr. Sarah Parcak as she uses cutting edge satellite archaeology to uncover some of Rome's lost treasures, and help reveal how Rome was able to rule over such a vast empire.
The Romans were one of the most intriguing and powerful civilizations to have ever lived. The Roman Empire, at its height under the Emperor Trajan in 117 AD, spanned 3.5 million square miles and incorporated over 40 modern day countries. Their influence on Western daily life - architecture, art, politics and law - are both significant and far-reaching.  

It is this spectacle that What Lies Beneath: Rome will bring back to life so dramatically using carefully constructed CGI based on our scientific results. But this time, having an even greater range of high-tech remote-sensing tools at our disposal will allow us to put the technology to the test to an even greater degree. The results will be a series of computer graphics that will be as factually accurate as they are visually mind-blowing.

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