Hyundai Sponsors Artificial Reef Preservation
May, 2018
Hyundai Kona commercial
Adidas Girls Breaking Barriers in Sports
March, 2019
Empowering, inspirational commercial
We Tried Horse Yoga To Achieve Inner Peace - Subaru
October, 2017
Subaru Commercial - Unscripted Adventure Series
We Let Google Make Our Decisions For A Day
December, 2016
Google Commercial - Hosted Unscripted Adventure Series
Real Surprise Times Square Proposal - Citibank
November, 2017
Citibank Commercial - Candid Surprise Live Event
Hyundai Sonata - Life Coach for a Better Commute
May, 2019
Hyundai Sonata commercial
Couples Guess Each Other's Perfect Sandwich - Subway
December, 2015
Commercial with real couples to promote Subway's app
City People's First Desert Experience - Subaru
October, 2017
Subaru Commercial - Unscripted Adventure Series
Clorox Decorating Homes For Recently Homeless
January, 2019
Social impact doc for brand
How To Make It In Your Car with Gina Rodriguez - Toyota
March, 2016
Toyota Commercial - Celebrity True Story
Clorox Community Free Laundry Day
December, 2018
Social impact doc for brand
Regular People Compete Like Pro Athletes - Ford
August, 2016
Ford Olympics Ad - Unscripted Sports Challenge
BFF vs. Wife: Who Knows Dax Better? - WB
March, 2017
Warner Bros Movie Promo - Unscripted Talent Challenge
Taco Bell Quesalupa is #BiggerThanEverything
March, 2016
Vertical video ad campaign
Proactiv: The Modern Solution for Skincare
July, 2017
Vertical video ad campaign
Women Surprise Loved Ones with Gratitude - Lean Cuisine
January, 2016
Lean Cuisine Commercial - Candid Unscripted True Moments
6 Feel-Good Music Facts in 60 Seconds - Citibank
December, 2017
Citibank Commercial - Live Event Video Repackaged
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